Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elizabeth's Expert Advice: Floral Crowns

There's been a lot of love around the internet for floral crowns and halos lately. We get requests for these lovely accessories fairly often and wanted to do a little how-to on putting one together for yourself, for a flower girl, or just to play dress-up.

Step 1: Cut a length of floral wire long enough to wrap around your head and wrap one end of it in green floral tape. This is the kind of tape that sticks to itself without any messy adhesive, so don't worry about getting it caught in your hair.

2. Begin wrapping the tape tightly around the wire - the tighter you wrap it, the better it will stay in place.

3. Once your entire length of wire is wrapped, form a circle and twist the two ends around one another.

4. Wind greens around your wire circlet - this will give your crown a lush, organic feel. We used jasmine for this purpose. 

5. Use small pieces of floral wire to attach the greens to your crown, wrapping them as tightly around the taped wire as you can.

6. Choose your flowers! We love the look of these dramatic Bridal Piano roses, but smaller blooms or wildflowers also make for a beautiful crown.

7. Cut the stems of your flowers down to a few inches - just long enough to give yourself some room to work with.

8. Wrap each stem around the circlet very well - roses are heavy, so they'll need support to stay in place.  Continue until you have as many or as few blooms as you'd like.

9. Try it on! 

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