Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear You,

Letter writing is a truly a rare past-time these days. We communicate largely through tech - email, Twitter, SMS, Facetime, Facebook Chat, the list goes on and on - and despite all the great advantages of these mediums, something about the pleasure of composing a thoughtful piece of correspondence is lost in the whirlwind of constant contact.

One of the few times in life we send or receive a gorgeous piece of mail these days is when the time for wedding invitations or thank you notes comes around, and choosing your invitations can be a delightful experience - from handmade paper to the new styles of calligraphy, there are thousands of wonderful options to choose from, and opening up your mailbox to find an artfully designed note or invitation is just as pleasing.

Here are a few snapshots we love of the now-rare mediums of calligraphy and letter-writing.

With Love,

La Fleur Vintage

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