Monday, March 12, 2012

Color Love: Purple

One of the most popular color themes for weddings this year is purple, and for good reason: purple can be the lightest, airiest, most whimsical color in the world, or it can be deep, mysterious and passionate. There's a purple for every personality out there, but right now we're loving the darker hues - the richer the color, the better.

Clockwise from top left (all images from Pinterest): 1. Bright shoes are a perfect pop of color with a bridal gown (the groom's socks aren't too shabby either). 2. These blackberry blueberry cupcakes look too good to eat! 3. Grey and rich purple would look stunning on any groom. 4. Vintage glass bottles add character to table centerpieces. 5. This lace dress is a beautiful option for bridesmaid 6. Everyone loves wine, right? 7. Lovely calligraphy and texture on this menu - would be great for a rustic vineyard wedding. 

Our own take on a purple bouquet, with a few deep pinks thrown in for fun. 

How absolutely gorgeous are these anemones? They would be incredible as the focus of a bridal bouquet. 


  1. Love the lavender!!Surreal and I feel the happiness!!

  2. Where is the dress from? Love it!

    1. After some sleuthing,it appears to be by Mackenzie Michaels!


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