Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Minimalist Rococo: Tania Vartan

Once upon a time, our wonderful creative director, Elizabeth, spent a summer in Florence learning to paint (and having flings with the tanned descendants of Roman gods, we hope) under the tutelage of esteemed designer and illustrator Tania Vartan. Ms. Vartan was running the Academy of Decorative Painting at the time, passing her substantial gifts for dreamy decor and trompe l'oeil onto her students.

This month we were happily surprised to see a Q&A with Tania in the April issue of House Beautiful, and to find an accompanying video of her lovely iris fabric on House Beautiful's website. This fabric was her first textile design ever, and has since become a modern classic.

Ms. Vartan describes her style as "minimalist Rococo," a description we can happily and whole-heartedly get behind. It's easy to see where such a description comes from when admiring her textile designs, which are available at John Roselli & Associates.

Tania's painting skills are unmatched in terms of grace, beauty and elegance, and her trompe l'oeil murals have graced the walls of the private homes of French designers, Alain Ducasse's restaurants, multiple museums and galleries, including a permanent exhibition at the Smithsonian, and grand hotels. Scroll on to admire some of her work:

Tani's own painted headboard. 

"Marble" floor - incredible!

Wouldn't you love to look up every day and see this?

Simply lovely.

Her apartment in Florence is to die for as well - everything you see was hand painted by Tania herself. 

The loveliness never ceases!

If you'd like to continue fangirling over Tania's many talents, head on over to her official site for more eye candy and her full list of accomplishments. Ciao!

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