Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Today brings us into the official first day of Spring, the season of new beginnings, of lighter days and warmer nights. We're looking forward to lushly blooming flowers, the soft fuzz on baby animals, waking up to the sounds of chirping birds and a riot of color in our cooler!

This bold lady was brought back from Italy on one of Elizabeth's travels. Doesn't she look like Mother Nature herself, surrounding by this bed of pansies?

All shades of pinks, in honor of a newborn baby girl!

 We love hanging arrangements - this one found its home in our meeting room as a lovely greeting for our brides!

A cheerful moss bird perches in his cage, next to these pretty blossoming quince branches

It's hard not to be happy on this day, with so many lovely things to look forward to this season! Here are a few of our favorite things about spring:

1. Lemonade! We love the idea of putting edible flowers in the glass for a pretty touch. 
2. Soft and fuzzy baby animals! You simply cannot be sad looking at this smiling lamb.
3. Cherry blossoms! When they really start blooming, numerous cherry blossom festivals spring up around the country, and they're absolutely beautiful to behold. 
4. Alright, laundry is not one of our favorite things, but doesn't this photo make it LOOK pleasant? Really, a pretty garden makes any activity better.

How are YOU celebrating the first day of spring? Baking lemon cupcakes, taking your little ones to be photographed in a field of bluebonnets, harassing cute animals? Share it with us!

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