Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shine, Give, Share

We look forward to seeing what the White House and the First Lady will unveil for Christmas decoarions every year, and Mrs. Obama did not disappoint this year. The White House Christmas decorations have been up for a few days now, and they are absolutely wonderful. Our new favorite florist, Brooklyn's Emily Thompson, was responsible for the arrangements, and we are totally inspired by her lovely and creative works of art! The many trees, wreaths and arrangements are beautiful but not opulent or over the top, and feature lots of creative, crafty details that you can incorporate into your own holiday decor.

The Library Christmas tree proudly proclaims this year's theme.
A simple wreath made of greenery is decorated with cut-out paper flowers - proof DIY details can be beautiful and elegeant.  

These ornaments and garlands are made of simple felt - a snap to make and string on your own tree

In every room you'll find a model of the First Family's furry friend Bo - here he sits alongside trees crafted from construction paper, instructions for which are included in the official guide to this year's White House Christmas.

We took a stab at making some of these little trees here in the shop, using the template in the White House Holiday Book. 

Leaves and treetops, cut from a book of Christmas-patterned scrapbook paper.

These trees are a little more precious than the White House trees, but don't they look cute on display with these bright vintage boxes?

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