Thursday, December 8, 2011

Expert Advice from Elizabeth: Hanging Cranberry Decorations

Today's Expert Advice is a tutorial on how to make these cranberry decorations, inspired by an image found on Pinterest:

Start with fresh cranberries - this 12 oz. bag covered one 4 inch foam sphere.

If you don't want the white foam to show through, you may want to paint the sphere before you begin. With any hanging ornament made with one of these spheres, add the ribbon before the berries - just hot glue it and make sure the lengths are even at both ends. Start hot gluing the fresh cranberries directly on the ribbon and work your way down.

Work in progress! Tie the ribbon in a knot once you get about halfway through covering the sphere, then continue gluing the berries all the way up to the knot until the entire ball is covered.

Finished! You can also combine cranberries with popcorn, mistletoe or flowers for a slightly different spin on this kind of ornament. Try patterned ribbon, glitter spray, making different patterns with the berries - the creative possibilities are endless!

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