Thursday, December 1, 2011

Expert Advice from Elizabeth: Paper Whites

Today's Expert Advice is about forcing bulbs!
Paperwhites are easy to force into bloom indoors. Unlike other Narcissus species, Paperwhites do not require chilling to promote bloom. The bulbs begin to grow as soon as they are planted, with flowers appearing in 3–4 weeks.

Start with your potting soil and any container you wish to use - we love these simple pots, which are easy to find at any garden store.

Paperwhite bulbs are usually purchased in a garden center - don't worry about looking for a specialty shop. Your local store should have them!

These bulbs have been planted about one week. They must be watered every other day.

This is what a blooming paper white narcissus looks like! These were set in water with no soil for about two weeks - just set the bulbs in the vase and change the water as often as needed.

image via Pinterest
 I love the natural country feeling of this basket of moss and bulbs. This would be a perfect centerpiece for the holidays!

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