Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Expert Advice: Orange Clove Pomanders

Orange Clove Pomanders are an old-fashioned holiday tradition that are cute as can be and fill the whole room with a citrusy-spicy-cozy scent. Read on to learn we made them!

We picked up a bag of medium-sized navel oranges and this small jar of cloves from the local grocery store. You can find whole cloves in the spice aisle for a few dollars  - one jar or bag will get you through 2-4 pomanders, depending on how many you apply to each orange.

You can freehand a design or ...

Use a stencil! We just resized this simple fleur de lis outline so that it was orange-sized, cut it out and punched holes around the shape for reference. Punching or marking holes in advance makes applying pretty designs a snap.

Whether you decide to wing it or use a specific pattern, use the end of a pen or a similarly pointy object to press a small hole into the orange's skin before inserting the clove. Whole cloves are both delicate and sharp, and pre-poking holes in the orange will make your life easier and save your fingers a little bit of pain.

Then, gently press the end of the clove into the orange, being careful not to damage the center, which is where the wonderful scent comes from as the spice mingles with the citrus oils. Repeat until your pomander is covered. These will dry out and keep for several weeks, leaving your home smelling seriously fantastic.
Fleur de Lis, dots and bows, a welcoming pineapple, a Christmas octupus.

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