Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Expert Advice from Elizabeth: the Perfect Christmas Bow

With Christmas almost upon us, it's time to wrap up our holiday shopping and get those gifts wrapped and under the tree! Using fabric ribbon is an easy way to add an elegant element to your holiday gift wrap. Here's how to tie the perfect gift bow:

Lay a length of ribbon down on a flat surface, with the bottom of your wrapped box facing up.

Bring the ends of the ribbon in towards the center...

And cross them over one another, then flip the box over.

Tie the ribbon together once in the middle.

Using a separate, longer piece of ribbon, fold it back and forth over itself several times (we did three folds).

Carefully pick up the folded ribbon and place it in the tied center of the box.
Here you may need to enlist an elf to hold it down with one finger.

Tie the ends of the first ribbon around the center of the  folded piece twice to create a pretty knot.

Fluff, fold and arrange the pieces to your liking.

And voila! This whole process takes approximately one minute and turns a simple box into a beautifully wrapped present.

Happy wrapping!

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