Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eat, drink and be married.

Holiday season, with all its merriment and extravagant gift-giving, is also prime engagement season. We love gazing at beautiful pieces of jewelry, so without further ado and whether you're getting engaged this Christmas or not, here are some gorgeous and unusual engagement ring options that you won't see your hoards of newly betrothed high school friends flashing on Facebook:

Elizabeth Street grey diamond ring , from $1100

Bittersweets NY rose gold diamond twig ring, $2800

Erica Weiner late Victorian diamond ring, $1400

black diamond and green amethyst ring, $435

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  1. Wow, these rings are gorgeous!!! I told my boyfriend, don’t bother looking for rings unless it’s unique engagement rings. I’m definitely going to tell him to check ones like these out! Thanks!


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