Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Mamas

Mother's Day is this week! (You didn't forget, right?) We love vintage photographs and we love our mamas, so this seemed like a perfect excuse to combine the two and dig through the archives at Shorpy for some gems to share with you guys: 

"My mother had to do something with all the fruit and berries from my father's garden, so if it wasn't made into jams and jellies, or canned, or frozen, it went into cakes and pies. We had a lot of pies."

"Mother and Son, 1972."

Mother and Baby, 1924.

"Mother and children with popcorn, National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana."

"My  mother and one of the girls she worked with on the stage in San Francisco during the 1920s."

"La Toilette, 1942."

"Mother, c. 1953"

"Save That Fat: 1942"

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