Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden Roses

Garden Roses are hybrid roses that are bred to have uniques qualities that make them just a little more special than your average red rose - there are hundreds of varieties, some of which are truly spectacular.  We (almost) always have several varieties in the shop because they are such a delight to behold, and they really up the 'wow' factor in bouquets and arrangements. 

Peach Campenella

Pink Cymbeline

Garden Spray Roses

Juliet, Patience and Miranda

Lemon PomPom

Romantic Antik

White Eden

Romantic Antik

Lemon PomPom

Bright Pink Marietherese

Lemon PomPom

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  1. I'm normally not a big fan of roses except when it comes to these so this whole post made me drool!


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