Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Roundup

Welcome, Friday! You were sorely missed - and from now on we'll be adding a little something to our Friday Link Love - a peek at our week through the eyes of Instagram! 

1. Craftin' 2. Wedding tags, made with love by our lovely intern Abby 3. That key lime tart didn't last 5 minutes. 4. Craspedia, the eternal trend. 5. Maybe our favorite summer wedding look so far. 6. Cupcakes and strawberries - the best kind of breakfast. 

As for what we loved around the internet this week, read and enjoy, my friends. 

Keri Smith's post on the pressures of creation, energy and self-promotion in creative industries, Ecstatic Flailing, is well worth a read.

We've been swooning over the stills from what may be the most gorgeous movie ever, Baz Luhrman's remake of The Great Gatsby, all week.

The always lovely Danielle of Sometimes Sweet has added a new feature to her blog: Literate and Stylish.

Loving this video of the Pronovias fashion show in Barcelona!  

This Palm Beach wedding is classic and gorgeous - and the flower girl's look is both adorable and totally cool. Not many ladies can rock a t-shirt as part of a formal look, but this little one pulls it off. 

Speaking of cool, Bri Emery's outtakes from her style series are major fashion inspiration. 

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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