Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Expert Advice: Paper Flowers!

All this rain we've been getting in Austin lately has meant spending a few grey days occupying ourselves with cute crafts! Making these paper flowers were a cheery way to spend an afternoon, and they turned out perfectly precious, don't you think?

Continue on to see how we made them! 

1. Cut circles of varying sizes from the paper of your choice - we used bright scrapbooking papers, but any slightly thicker paper will do. 

2. Snip halfway through your cutout circle ...

3. And bring the ends together to form the center petals. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to form as many petals as your flower requires, with varying sizes (and colors and patterns!). 

4. Glue the circular petals around the small center you first created so that the petals bloom up and outward, the same way a real flower would! 

5. Finish by gluing a small bauble (here we used buttons and beads) to the very center of the flower.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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