Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flower of the Week: Fritillaria

Fritillaria meleagris

Our current flower of the week might just be one of our coolest ever, with its purple and white checkered pattern! While we couldn't find any associated mythology or symbolic meaning behind fritillaria (other than the origin of its name - meleagris means "spotted like a guinea fowl"), we're not sure a flower this daring needs a symbolic backstory to get us interested. 

This variety of fritillaria comes in a multitude of colors, but the blooms in our shop are a fantastic bright purple. While commonly grown in gardens and available in bulb form for home cultivation, this flower is actually considered an endangered species in some parts of Europe, including France, Slovenia and Romania, due to the fact that it rarely grows in the wild. In addition, it is the national flower of Croatia.

A close-up of the fritillaria's pretty pattern, peeking out from an arrangement created for a charity benefit. 

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