Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elizabeth's Expert Advice: DIY Easter Grass

DIY-minded readers, it is your lucky day! Today's double Expert Advice posts go hand-in-hand - first we learned how to blow out eggs and dye the shells. Next up is how to dye your own Easter grass, if you're not particularly fond of the shiny plastic stuff that never. goes. away. once you release it from its packaging. And who IS fond of that stuff, anyway? For an easy alternative, read on!

1. This is another very simple project - you'll need paint, water, a large plastic bucket or similar container, and a neutral colored grass. We picked up this craft grass at Hobby Lobby, but there's an infinite number of materials you could use - go to town! 

2. Mix your blues and yellows until you reach your desired green. We tried going using green paint, but couldn't find the exact spring-y color we were aiming for. Any water mixable paint will work, so use whatever you have on hand! 

3. Once you've got the correct hue ready to go, mix in a little water. You don't need much - you'll notice here that we used just enough to fill a section of this palette. 

4. Pour the water/paint mixture into your bucket o' grass and mix it up! You can continue adding paint and water until your grass is saturated, or just toss it together lightly for a pretty pastel. 

5. Remove the grass and lay out on newspaper to dry for several hours before using. 

What do you guys think? Prettier than the plastic stuff, right?

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