Saturday, February 4, 2012

Planning Your Wedding Part 4: Wedding Cakes and Non-Cakes

Welcome to Part 4 of our wedding vendor advice - FINALLY. It’s dessert time, you guys.

Wedding cakes sometimes get a bad rap - deep down we all know nobody actually likes to eat all that fondant and those poor English suckers got stuck with the whole fruitcake tradition, but thankfully Austin is brimming with talented pastry chefs who are turning wedding cakes into works of art that are just as delicious as they are beautiful. 
You might also think outside the bakery box and consider a non-cake dessert finale. Wedding pie, jars upon jars of bright candies, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts and the ever-impressive croquembouche are a few things that have been popping up in place of cake-and-frosting towers lately. If you’re brave, you could also consider the artisan cheese cake we mentioned last week (told you we’d be obsessing about it for days!). If you must have cake but still want to spice it up, consider cake pops or the always precious cupcake! 
Here are several companies you’ll want to check out (and schedule tastings with. You won’t be sorry). 

How heavenly does this ruffled cake look? 

This cake was featured on the Knot - love the modern lines vs. the organic touch of fresh flowers

Croquembouche: a French dessert, usually made of choux filled with pastry cream, assembled with caramel and decorated with spun sugar and flowers.

A dessert bar: give us all the sweets.

Come on. It does not get any more precious than this.


In case you weren't already drooling, here are a few more wedding-worthy dessert inspirations from Pinterest:

1. Love the idea of ombre cake layers in your main wedding color.

 2. This cascade of white anemones on pistachio-colored frosting is absolutely dreamy.

3. A simple layer cake is both elegant and rustic when topped with fresh flowers.

4. A white doughnut tower in place of a white cake? Mmhm. 

5. Monogrammed wedding pie!

6. Ice cream sandwiches in pretty pastels - perfect for spring and summer weddings.

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