Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elizabeth's Expert Advice: Mother Nature's Throne

With spring just around the corner, Elizabeth was inspired to make this gorgeous floral chair. We think this would make a beautiful addition to spring wedding decor, but it could be customized for any season and theme. Scroll on to learn how we did it! 

1. Remove the seat from a vintage chair - Elizabeth found this one at a market for $10! 
2. Measure the dimensions of the seat or place it on a large piece of foam to trace the exact shape. Cut out using scissors or an Exacto blade. 
3. Reinforce the foam around the edges and at regular intervals in the middle. - we used these wooden dowels but anything sturdy and glue-able will do. 
4. Using plastic garden fencing or chicken wire, measure enough to wrap around the entire seat once. Set aside.
5. Place several pieces of floral foam onto the reinforced seat, leaving a small border around the edges. Wrap in the measured piece of garden fencing or chicken wire and check that the entire piece fits well onto your vintage chair.

6. Take several pieces of moss and attach them to the foam edges, using floral glue or the moss's own sticking power. 
7. Begin inserting your flowers! We used muscari, poppies, wax flower, delphinium, ranunculus, bouvardia in bright, vibrant colors to celebrate the upcoming warm seasons. Don't worry tooo much about placement - the loose, organic look is what we're going for! 
8. For the top arrangement we used another piece of Oasis in a plastic cage and attached it to the chair with a green plastic zip-tie. We added a Garden Rose in addition to more of the previously used flowers, and finished the sides with bay laurel, eucalyptus and myrtle greens. Keep the greens in place with green wire .
9. Step back and admire!

Happy creating! 

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