Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Expert Advice from Elizabeth: My First Ladies by Nancy Clarke

I recently had a little time away from my store and was able to read a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is called My First Ladies by Nancy Clarke.
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Nancy Clarke recently retired after working as the chief floral designer at the White House for six administrations! She designed everything from flowers in the president's living quarters to state dinners and had the honor of doing two weddings for two presidents daughters.  She writes in her book of her ideas and how she presented each to the first ladies for special events that would be seen by official heads of state.  She reveals in her book about what it was like to find each first ladies personal style.  This is a funny and telling story of the "behind the scenes" at the White House. She has created thousands of floral arrangements for every type of event from state dinners to holiday festivities. One of the most interesting stories is how Nancy composed the flowers for the state dinner with Queen Elizabeth and how she was able to meet her, which was a highlight of her career.

This is a must read for anyone that loves flowers and is interested in fine etiquette!

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